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Competitive Food Rule

Source: Miss. Code Ann. § 37-1-3 (Revised 10/2010) Rule 17.2 Competitive Food. To ensure that children are not in the position of having to decide between non-nutritious foods immediately before or during the meal service period: 1. No food items will be sold on the school campus for one (1) hour before the start of any meal services period. 2. The school food service staff shall serve only those foods which are components of the approved federal meal patterns being served (or milk products) and such additional foods as necessary to meet the caloric requirement of the age group being served. 3. With the exception of water and milk products, a student may purchase individual components of the meal only if the full meal unit also is being purchased. 4. Students who bring their lunch from home may purchase water and milk products. This policy should be viewed as a minimum standard. Local boards of education are encouraged to develop more comprehensive restrictions.