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Professional Development


Canvas Basics Guide Table of Contents- https://bit.ly/3laBlap

Canvas Instructor Guide Table of Contents- https://bit.ly/35erxGV

Canvas Student Guide Table of Contents- https://bit.ly/3kewbJf

Canvas Observer Guide Table of Contents- https://bit.ly/2UeBEoA

Learning Forward Professional Development Planning Resources- https://essa.learningforward.org/overview

Teacher Guide to Virtual Learning- https://bit.ly/3m2sDei

Microsoft Resources for K-12 Educators- https://bit.ly/35eQl1l

Microsoft Orientation for the Virtual Classroom- https://bit.ly/3ljdzt0

Microsoft Professional Development for Educators- http://bit.ly/2U96VJA

Transform Learning with Microsoft Teams- https://bit.ly/35eEjVZ

Engage and Amplify with Flipgrid- https://bit.ly/35gPfCt

Microsoft Forms: Creating Authentic Assessments- https://bit.ly/3laD4MV

Getting Started with OneNote- https://bit.ly/3leqzQo

Training Teachers to Author Accessible Content- https://bit.ly/3lggcvw

ViewSonic Active Panel YouTube Resources - https://youtube.com/channel/UCTAdGzzi4RpggIIcuGqswIg