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Lawrence County School District 1:1 Device Information Page

Welcome to the LCSD 1:1 Device Information Page. We will have documentation, links and other information available on this page to help you as we are able to make devices available to your children. We will have forms, videos, How To PDFs and other information available here.
How to Use My iPad
Congratulations on receiving your new iPad. Here are a couple of resources that we believe may assist you. First, a short video clip that will help you learn your iPad (NOTE: this video is also on your iPad in the How To folder). Second, a PDF file of the same information if you prefer to read through the information.
Student Technology Handbook
This Handbook is your resource for proper use, care and maintenance of your device. Remember, this device is the property of Lawrence County School District that being provided for your education. Included in this Handbook is the Acceptable Use Policy and an Internet Safety & Cyber Bullying Policy. Read this Handbook carefully. Refer to it with any questions you may have. If those questions are not answered, contact your school.
Respondus Lock Down Browser for Canvas
Click here to download and install the Respondus Lock Down Browser.