Monticello Elementary Young Authors and Illustrators

Monticello Elementary School currently has a group of inspired and talented young authors and illustrators. A group of fourth grade students, featuring authors Gunner Malone and Kenneth Price and illustrators Kennedy Lee and Carly Prine, have begun writing and producing their own short books.
All of these students are under the English and Language Arts instruction of Jessica Grice, but the groups came up with the idea to begin producing these stories on their own. Each new volume promises great adventures, with titles such as "The Turkey Takeover," "Crazy Christmas," "The Bad Baseball," and "Super Pig". For the current holiday season, the group has even produced a story about an "Evil Santa," with his peppermint cannon, who is brought to justice by "Super Reindeer"!
These young publishers are thankful for their friends who help distribute copies of their works, and those who work to help them produce their stories for others to enjoy. When told that one day they may make millions of dollars for their books, Price declared that they weren't writing them for the money, but to have fun. Malone did mention that he had thought of selling the books for $2.50 each. Either way, the future is certainly bright for these young scholars.